Pool / Garden

Our freshwater pool is a source of weightless relaxation, as you let yourself float gently in its still waters while staring at the light blue heavens above. The perfect place for catching an afternoon nap or reading a novel in peace and quiet, it provides the ideal aura of serenity needed to clear one’s mind. Shaded by a grand and magnificent Poinciana, you can still remain comfortable even when the sun is at its strongest.

It is an unbiased facility in the sense that it is also accessible to physicaly challenged persons and those who cannot swim. A ramp gradually descends to a very shallow depth, allowing physicaly challenged persons to enjoy the cool comfort of the water. A ledge submerged to chest height runs around the inner wall of the pool, permitting those who prefer not to swim to sit quietly and bask in the crystal clear waters.

Charela Inn’s courtyard garden plays host to many exotic and aesthetically perfect species of plant life. The variety and beauty gives the garden a truly extraordinary feel to it. Among the different species of plant life, the Poinciana, Hibiscus, Orchids, Frangipani and Roses flourish in their natural excellence. The grandeur of the Royal Palm trees is breathtaking, adding to the powerful impact felt as you walk in.

An added bonus at night is the sweet and gentle aroma of the night jasmine as it mingles with the fresh smell of the cool night air, calming and relaxing all who experience it’s beautiful smell. With gorgeous Doctor Birds (a Jamaican variant of the humming bird which is indigenous to the island) dancing back and forth between the flowers, and the hammering sound of the woodpeckers, our garden will give you a new perspective on the beauty of nature.